Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Mahavir jayanti 2016 - why is it celebrate and history

Mahavir Jayanti - friends in this post i am telling you all the information for mahavir jayanti like why celebrate mahavir, who is mahavir, history of the event, date of celebration.
So first i am going to tell you who is mahavir and why is it celebrate. It is also known as Janma Kalyanak which will be on 19th april this year. this festival is celebrated by jains for the birth of mahavira who is also likewise known as Vardhamana (childhood name) of  tirthankara and belong to rich family in bihar. he had everything even thay he left everything for became monk at the age 30 to spread the message of peace and non-voilence(ahimsa). this is short description about the mahavir and the celebtaion of this festival is very easy. Celebration start with the rath yatra with bhajan (religious  rhymes), Lord mahavira statue are given ceremonial bath (abhisheka) and most jain involve in charitable act and donations for help the poor and saving wild life during the day all the jains visit  temples to meditate and prayer where lecture is held by monks in temple to spread the non voilence (ahimsa) like mahavira.
So guys this is small information about mahavir jayanti which will give deep knowledge for festival that all and if you guys looking for more like jayanti wishes, greetings, quotes, images, wallpaper, messages then you are at right you will get all this things on our website so don't waste your time festival is about to come. download and share greeting to your close one and please share

Mahavir Jayanti Greetings, wishes, images and wallpapers

Here in this section you will get some mahavir jayanti greetings 2016 which you can use to send to your loved one to make the day special and dont forget to share our blog to closed one on the festival.

Dignity from Ram
Service from Shravan;
Target from Eklavya;
Friendship from Krishna;
Philanthropy from Karan;
Non-veiolence from Buddha;
And Meditation from Mhavira!
Happy Mahavir Jayanti!
Mahavir jayanti 2016 - why is it celebrate and history
May Ratnatraya, the triple gems of Jainism:
Samyak Darshana - the right vision or view;
Samyak Gyana - the right knowledge;
Samyak Charitra - the right conduct
guide you to the path of liberation and make your soul move up spiritually!
Happy Mahavir Jayanti! 
May you get spiritual calmness (Prasanna); have desire to get liberation from life cycles (Samvega); without any attachment to anything (Nirveda); kindness (Anukampa); and belief in the nine fundamental principles (Astikya) of Jainism!
Happy Mahavir Jayanti! 
Mahavir jayanti 2016 - why is it celebrate and history

I always ask Lord Mahavir to give you what you DESERVE,
Not what you DESIRE...!!
It is because your Desires may be few...!
But you Deserve a LOT...!
Happy Mahavir Jayanti!
Inse seekho
Seva=Shravan se
Mitrata=krishan se
Maryada=Ram se
Daan=Karn se
Tapasya=Mahavir se
Mahavir jayanti 2016 - why is it celebrate and history

 णमो अरिहंताणंणमो सिद्धाणंणमो आयरियाणंणमो उवज्झायाणंणमो लोए सव्व साहूणंएसोपंचणमोक्कारो, सव्वपावप्पणासणोमंगला णं च सव्वेसिं, पडमम हवई मंगलं
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